Space Guide

It is the world’s largest model of our planetary system. And it is so close – right behind the Baltic Sea. If you want to go on a journey into space, but it is maybe a little too far away, and the ticket costs money…. a lot of money, this is the right place for you. Fly with us to explore the Swedish Solar System.

A space guide to Sweden

SwedenIt is also a perfect place to stimulate child’s imagination. It is a great method of learning that will help kids understand the scale and the distance. Our planetary system has been recreated in a scale of 1:20 million. In practice, the system consists of models of planets, their moons, asteroids and other celestial bodies, which are laid-out throughout Sweden. From the south to the far north, up to the Arctic Circle. The Sun is located in Stockholm. This is the Globen Arena – the largest spherical building on Earth. You can find there all the planets, sizable planetoids, and even dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt. In Kiruna, the northernmost town of Sweden, there is even a Terminal Shock.

Each point on this map is another interesting place to visit. It is a completely new and unknown way to explore Sweden – following the footsteps of the Swedish Solar System. So you can not only capture the celestial body in the picture, but also get to know many interesting places and people. We invite you to join us on this journey. Once we reach the place in the list below, we will describe in detail the city in which the space object is located. We will also take a look around. We will advise you on what to do, where to eat, where to look for accommodation. We are going to create a proper guide!

Points on a map


Szwedzki Układ Słoneczny to niesamowita podróż wgłąb Szwecji    




The route through the Swedish Solar System is almost 4,000 kilometers long. 14 points on the map and almost a month spent in a car. We plan to get off the ferry in Karskrona on August 7, and end the journey 24 days later.