Swedish Solar System: About the project

What if we could make the childhood dreams come true and soar into space? What if we could not only see the planets of the solar system up close, but also touch them, and take pictures of them …?

In Sweden, a miniature of the Solar System has been created – models of planets, moons and asteroids are laid out throughout the country on a scale of 1:20 million. This building is Globen and can be seen from almost every part of Stockholm. It is the largest spherical building in the world. In the Swedish Planetary System, Globen represents the Sun. Pluto which is located 322 kilometers away from it, is only 12 centimeters in diameter. That’s 917 times less…

The voyage through the Swedish Solar System is also voyage into Sweden. It is an journey through Swedish traditions, culture and customs, that begin to change radically, as we move away from the Sun. This voyage will end – mystically – in the place where in a few years first commercial space travels, in Kiruna – the northernmost town in Sweden.

Our goal

Our main goal is to make a documentary film. The protagonist will be an 80-year-old, retired pilot of military jets who has dreamed of flying into space all his life. He recently lost his true love – his beloved wife died. After more than 50 years of marriage, he can not live alone anymore. We would like to show him, as well as the others, that his age does not have to be a limit when it comes to fulfilling one’s dreams.

Postcard From Space will be:

Szwecja i jej Układ Słoneczny

Our way

The journey through the Swedish Solar System is a nearly 1,400 km long road leading to the north of Sweden. Our basic assumption is to go to those places where there are planets, moons or other celestial bodies.
We want to create a beautiful story around them, meet increadible people, get to know their dreams and problems they face every day. The Solar System itself is, therefore, only a pretext for showing the real Sweden and Swedes. We will visit all the points on the map of the Sweden Solar System.

The road

We will start in the south, at the Swifta-Tuttle comet (Karlshamn), through the asteroid 2007 OR10 (Malmö), Quenyar transneptoid planetoid (Gislaved), dwarf planet Makemake (Göteborg), asteroid Varda (Uddevalla), Halley Comet (Skövde), Sun Mercury, Venus, Earth, Asteroid Eros, Asteroid Saltis, Mars (all located in Stockholm), Asteroid Vesta (Täby), Asteroid Palomar-Leiden (Knivsta), Jupiter (Sigtuna), Saturn and its 62 moons (Uppsala), Uranus (Lövstabruk), Neptune (Söderhamn), Pluto and Charona (Delsbo).
Later, we’ll get to the Kuiper belt and visit Ixion (Härnösand). Further to the north, we will visit the Eris dwarf planet (Umeå), the Transneptune asteroid Sedna (Luleå). We will end our journey in a mistical way – in Kiruna, the place where in a few years first commercial space travels will take place.


Ze Szwecji w gwiazdy