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Poznaj Świat

It has been published since 1948. It is a monthly magazine that makes you addicted to both reading and traveling. It has been appreciated for showing its readers how diverse and beautiful our world is.


History Channel is a history-based digital cable and satellite television network that is owned by A&E Networks. A Polish version was launched on April 9, 2008. It is available on most of polish cable providers. 


It is a magazine dedicated to reporters, writers, photographers and travelers. It has been published since 2012. Right from the beginning it also has its spiritual patron, Ryszard Kapuściński.

Zew Północy

The Scandinavian magazine - the only periodical magazine on the press market dedicated to the Nordic countries as well as the Scandinavian part of the Arctic.

Moods Of Scandinavia

The website has been created to promote the Scandinavian philosophy of life, known as "hyggelig". Hyggeling means nicely or pleasantly, and with the respect for nature as well as other human beings. It is about here and now.



Stena Lina

Stena Line is a Swedish ferry company founded in 1962, based in Göteborg. In Poland, Stena Line has been present for over two decades. Ferries with a distinctive red chimney connect Polish Gdynia with Karlskrona in the southern Sweden. Every year, over half a million passengers travel this route using one of two twin ships: Stena Vision or Stena Spirit. The other two vessels of the line, Stena Baltica and m/v Gute, are mainly dedicated to cargo transport. The second line between Poland and Sweden is a freight connection between Gdynia and Nynäshamn - a port near Stockholm.


Zakamarki Publishing House was founded in 2007. It specializes in Swedish children's literature. It is internatonally acclaimed for its great illustrations as well as its wise and humorous texts.

Festiwal Filmów Skandynawskich w Darłowie

The Scandinavian Film Festival is a review of the latest and some of the older products of the Scandinavian imagination. In addition to the traditional dimension of the festival based on film screenings, FFS also includes artistic events, meetings with filmmakers and concerts related to Scandinavian culture and heritage.

Festiwal Zorzy Polarnej

The goal of the project is to raise the interest of youth and children in the phenomenon of Northern Lights, and to spread the knowledge about it. It is also aimed at teaching about legends, myths, and stories about Aurora Borealis, as well as informing about geography and nature of the European areas located behind the Arctic Circle, especially Lapland.

Nordic Focus Festival

Nordic Culture Festival under the auspices of the University of Gdańsk. For three days of the festival without leaving the country you can easily feel the refreshing breath of Scandinavian culture as well as delve into the philosophy of life of people living in the Nordic countries.

Nordic Talking

Nordic Talking is an event dedicated to enthusiasts of the Nordic culture who are fascinated by the Scandinavian lifestyle and share their passion with others through social media. The goal of the festival is to integrate the influencer community: the enthusiasts who run fanpages on Facebook, accounts on Instagram and Twitter, blogs and videoblogs.